Kathy on the issues


Pensions are a part of the contract given to teachers. This is a promise we must keep. Occasional tweaks may be needed, but not an overhaul of the entire system. We owe our teachers for the education we received and for our present positions.


I believe that everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare. I will work with the legislature to ensure that the market is fair, accessible, and open to all.

Sanctity of life

I do not believe that abortion is a form of birth control and I believe that human life begins at conception.


Our children are our great natural resource. They need every educational opportunity we can provide. Each child has different talents. It is our responsibility to provide the education stimulus to make them contributing citizens.


The infrastructure of our region must become stronger and more efficient to better serve the needs of the community. We are poised to become a hub for future industrial development and key to this will be roadways, bridges, and waterways.


As a proud concealed carry gun owner, I believe that our right to bear arms is unequivocally expressed in the constitution.  While common sense gun protections should be in place, our right to guns helps keep us a free people. 


Our future depends on a trained workforce and the availability of well-paying jobs. I will work tirelessly to bring new job opportunities to our community and to our region and work to offer incentives to new start-ups and companies.


The family is the cornerstone of our society. I have fought for the rights of children and families my entire life and will continue to do so in Frankfort. I am committed to keeping families and family values central in my agenda.


Expanded gaming in Kentucky should be an option that is explored to increase revenue.  There are countless areas, including teacher pensions, that could greatly benefit from more funding and I am committed to meet this need.

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